11 Short Hairstyles for Women

When it comes to switching up your look, you may be hesitant to go with a shorter hairstyle. Cutting your hair is an irreversible change that can be an intimidating decision. But while the big change may be scary, there are a lot of stunning short hairdos that can take your hair from drab to fab. Read on to see which of these superb hairstyles you'll want to rock next!

The Short Layered Pixie Cut

A woman with a short layered pixie cut looking off to the side.

Also referred to as a pixie crop, this hairdo is involves your hair being chopped about 3 inches. The pixie cut can either be even, or the top can be long with the back shorter if you prefer. Though the crop is typically affiliated with tomboys, the crop can also be made fashionable with ease.

The Benefits of the Short Layered Pixie Cut

• This haircut is expressive, as it perfectly frames the face, and most importantly, enhances your cheekbones.
• Perfect for color experiments because there is a lesser amount of hair to bleach.
• The pixie cut is manageable as less money and time are spent on styling, therefore, making it more practical.

The Different Types of Pixie Cuts

In order to spice up a pixie cut, many stylists upgrade them with choppy textures, unique undercuts, and spiky layers. There are many different pixie cut styles to choose from, including:
• Pixie Cut with Bangs
• Longer, Messy Pixie Cut
• Asymmetrical Pixie Cut
• Vintage Pixie Cut
• Voluminous, Layered Cut

The Short Curly Hair With Bangs

A woman smiling with short curly hair with bangs.

When you have curly hair, it can make you hesitant to cut your hair short. But, with this cute hairstyle, you can be sure you'll love your new look! The short, curly hairstyle with bangs is usually accomplished by adding a short fringe close to the eyebrows.

The Benefits of Short Curly Hair with Bangs

Curly hair with bangs can be useful by drawing more attention to the eyes, hiding large foreheads and softening shrill faces shapes. Adding curly bangs is an overall commitment, but considering the outcome, the commitment is totally worth it. To give your hair style a unique edge, it is vital to customize your hairdo to the shape of your face and the fringe to be of the right length.

Ideas for Curly Hair with Bangs

The key to making your twirled hairstyle stylish and eye-catching is knowing the natural structure and shape of your face and working with it instead of working against it. Here are some ideas:
• Curly Pixie Cut with Bangs
• Curly Bob with Spirals
• Curly Hair with Side Bangs
• Curly Hair with Layers

The Inverted Bob Haircut

A woman with an inverted bob haircut looking towards the ground.

The inverted bob is a solution to many hair dilemmas. Whether you previously had locks and are considering chopping them off, or you want to give your cropped mane a sassy do-over, the inverted bob hairdo is the perfect option for you.

The Benefits of the Inverted Bob Hairstyle

The inverted bob, also known as the graduated bob, features a long front and a shorter back giving it a smooth and flattering touch. The beauty of the about this hairdo is that options are available for everyone, which means that all hair textures and all hair types can embrace this hairstyle. The only task left when considering this hairstyle is finding the correct version that compliments your hair type.

The Different Types of Inverted Bob Hairdos

When it comes down to it, there are many types of inverted bob hairstyles that may suit you. Depending on your preference, the short inverted bob can be altered so that the front of your hair finishes at either your cheekbone or your chin to suit your face. You can also opt for the addition of bang or even choose between a middle part and a side part. Here are some other ideas:
• The Short Inverted Bob
• The Inverted Bob with Bangs
• The Layered Inverted Bob
• The Medium Inverted Bob

There are endless options for the inverted bob hairstyle, and the above are just a few options on how the inverted bob can be altered. Other options include the curly inverted bob (for those with curly hair), stacked inverted bob, inverted bob for round face, choppy inverted bob, short layered inverted bob among others. As mentioned previously, the inverted bob has an option for everyone. This chic style offers a unique look as it blends traditional short hairdos with modern short hairstyles, bringing a spunky yet flattering edge. With that said, if you are looking for a short hairstyle that will complement you, consider trying the inverted bob.

The Short Undercut Hairstyle

The back of a woman's head with a short undercut hairstyle.

The undercut hairstyle is an eye-catching and unique hairdo that can be sported by anyone. This stylish haircut is very versatile and can be bent to accommodate any style. An undercut requires that you leave the length of your hair on top, while the back and sides are closely cut, faded, or even completely buzzed.

The Different Types of Undercuts

As with any hairstyle, there are many different kinds of undercuts that you can choose to rock. This complementary cut is suitable for numerous options including:
• The undercut for short hair. For a bold take, you should consider undercutting short hair. In a flattering and unique way, the undercut correctly exposes and shows off your facial features.
• Nape undercut. The nape undercut consists of a small shaved segment that sits on top of the neck.
• Bob with an undercut. By incorporating a nape, standard, or temple undercut to your bob hairstyle, it can give your hairdo an intensely modern and stylish edge. You can decide on whether to wear your hair wavy for a more relaxed appearance, or straight for a more sleek style depending on your preference.
• Colored undercut. You can either decide to color the top or the underside. You can also choose to color both and choose your favorite shade.

The Short Wavy Hair With Bangs

A woman with short, curly hair with bangs.

If you're looking for a more youthful, fun, and flirty hairstyle, this next short hairdo may be your perfect match. Short wavy hair with bangs gives you the cute and flattering look that you desire.

The Different Types of Wavy Hair with Bangs

Wondering what bangs could be perfect for your short and wavy hair? Check out the different types of fringes and, most importantly, know the shape of your face. It is essential to know, for the desired outcome, bangs have to complement your face or should correct it. Regardless of the shape or length of your bob or pixies, bangs pair well with all. To make sure your short wavy hair is taken care off accordingly, here are some options you should consider trying:
• Shaggy and short wavy hairdo with bangs.
• Short wavy hair with side bangs.
• Long wavy pixie with deep side parts.
• Messy wavy bangs.
• Long pixie with soft waves.

The Short Shaved Hairstyle

There are plenty of shaved hairstyles available to choose from. There are options available for everyone, including one for those with strict dress codes at their workplaces. For those looking for a bold or inconspicuous look, there is something for you as well. Here are a few examples to inspire your decision:

• The subtle side shaved bob. This is achieved by shaving one side of your head. If you are looking for a bold look, a subtle side shaved bob is the ideal hairstyle for you.
• Layered and shaved underneath. This hairstyle is pieced with overlapping layers on the top of the head. With the underneath of the overlapping layers shaved, you can add splashes of your preferred color to complete the look.
• Straight bob with a shaved temple. To spruce up your straight bob, you can decide to add some color. Some of the features that make this particular hairstyle stand out are the undercut and the side part.
• Swirl slide. This option features a shaved portion around the temple area with an intricate design on it. You can decide to give it a more personal touch by showing your creativity with the kind of design you choose.
• Wavy one side shaved hairdo. One side brings out your personality while the other side pays attention to your features. It brings out a cheerful and independent vibe.

The Wavy Bob Hairstyle

A woman grinning with a short, wavy bob hairstyle.

The wavy bob hairdo a common hairstyle for many people. It features a wavy styled bob that rests at shoulder length. This type of hairdo is suitable for everyone, but it is important to keep in mind the shape of your head. For you to achieve the desired outcome, it is essential to understand your needs.

The Different Types of Wavy Bob Hairstyles

Just like the other short hairstyles we've mentioned previously, there are many different options that come with this hairdo. Here are some alternatives to guide you:
• Angled bob. This is a short, angled wavy bob that is beautifully stacked. It can also feature blonde highlights.
• The choppy bob. This cut features a wavy and uneven shoulder-length hair.
• Short wavy bob with bangs. It is perfect for those with round faces, as it features a shaggy cut on the tips and is complemented by a blunt cut on your bangs.
• The wavy bob with a fringe. This hairstyle features an addition of curtain fringe, which is fittingly contrasted by adorable waves.
• A-line bob. To create a messy yet finish, the wavy bob is given a stylish touch by loose curling waves.

The Messy Bob

A woman smirking with a messy bob hairstyle.

The messy bob hairstyle is by far the most flattering hairdo. The reason is that they are versatile, and most importantly, they are manageable. To help you find inspiration for your next hairstyle here are some ultra-trendy messy bob hairstyles:
• Rose gold bob. The color of the rose gold bob gives it a stylish and modern touch. The volume and texture complement the blunt layers of this messy bob, adding a flattering appeal. Depending on your moods, the bob can easily transition between a messy textured hairstyle and a polished straight style.
• Bleached bob with blunt mini bangs. The ideal length should be somewhere adjacent to the chin, though some opt to go way down to shoulder-length. The chin-length bleached bob is a winner as its messy style, and the angled cut is manageable.
• The textured auburn A-line bob. This hairstyle is a perfect match for those with curly or wavy hair, because it's easy to manage and maintain.
• Short A-line bob with highlights. With long front layers and back layers full of texture and volume, the short A-line bob is easy to maintain.

The Layered Pixie Cut

A woman smiling with a layered, long pixie cut.

The layered pixie cut has a length that lies between a short pixie and a pixie bob. For those with busy lifestyles, the layered pixie hairstyle is the perfect choice. This is because a little amount of time is needed for maintenance or styling.

The Different Types of Layered Pixie Cuts

One of the fantastic things about layered pixie hairdos is how flexible they can be. This hairstyle can be modified to suit any hair type or any face shape. To help you decide what style to choose, here are some examples of layered pixie hairdos:
• Shaggy pixie with long side bangs. This particular extended pixie cut is most suitable for those with thick and curly hair.
• Long and curly pixie cut. This cut adds a sassy and daring edge to your hairdo.
• The pixie with an undercut. This hairstyle features an undercut that is complemented by a long straight hair cut, which can be paired with colors to add a spunky twist.
• Textured long top with short shaved side.

The Colored Pixie Cut

A woman smiling and laughing with a pink pixie cut hairdo.

Pixie cuts are by far the most convenient and easy to maintain hairstyles out there. Pixies add a youthful edge, but although pixies are comfortable and stylish, it shouldn't end there. Adding color to your pixie cut creates more attitude and brings out your personality. Here are some recommendations:
• Carrot top. The carrot top style features orange highlights on top of a blonde base, bringing out a bright and cheery touch. The eye-catching colors are unique and have a dazzling glimmer in the sunlight.
• Deep pink layers. The profound pink shade adds a fiery and fierce touch.
• Spicy honey ginger. There is more appealing for those with darker skin tones. Spicy honey ginger features a deep blonde shade perfectly complemented by orange undertones.
• Grim layered pixie.
• Pixie cut with hints of blue and purple.

Short Layered Hairdos for Red Hair

A woman smiling and looking at the ground with red, short hair.

These are many short haircuts or hairstyles colored in red or a shade of red. Mainly, a short red hair color is a hair cut into either a pixie or a bob. The beauty of partnering red with your hairstyle is that red can suit any skin tone. For example, medium, dark, and deep skin tones are well complemented by bright shades of red while fair, cool, and light skin tones are best paired with strawberry and ginger red. Although maintaining the style might be a little bit demanding, having chopped hair makes it practical and comfortable.

The Different Hairdos for Short, Red Hair

There are many ways to style short, red hair. Here are some suggestions:
• Auburn red pixie. This hairstyle adds a funky and fresh touch.
• Ginger red wavy bob. This ginger red hairdo has a natural edge that is complemented by a short bob to complete the stylish look.
• Dark brown to red ombre.
• Red highlights on short black hair. This red and black combination is both catchy and stylish.
• Red highlights on dark brown hair. This look adds a strong and flattering touch.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, short hairstyles have been trendy for years in the world of beauty. There are plenty of options when it comes to styles to choose from, depending on the many different types of face shapes and hair types. Though some hairdos might seem flashy and overdone for older women, these short hairstyles add a more youthful and fresh look. The beauty of short hairstyles is that they are easy to maintain and style. All it takes is finding the perfect look for you and you'll have a stylish, effortless hairstyle for years to come!

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